Important Notice! If You’re Hungry, You’re Probably Putting On Weight!

If You’re Hungry, You’re Probably Putting On Weight

The human body is a machine and if you don’t put fuel in it – it’s going to break down!

Hi, Brian Flatt here.

You may or may not know me.  I’ve been in the fitness and weight loss industry since 1999.  I’m a personal trainer, certified nutritionist, fitness entrepreneur, speaker and inventor of 3 highly successful, science-based weight loss systems.

You may have heard of the 3 Week Diet and the 2 Week Diet, and I’ve just launched a high-tech and compact new version called the 1 Week Diet.

Why am I giving you my resume?

Because I’m about to share some important information that’s going to directly affect how well you drop those stubborn hard-to-lose pounds that have been annoying you for years.  I’m going to open your eyes to vital information to help you slim down your stomach, thighs, hips and butt all without heavy cardio, hours at the gym or eating anything weird.

Most important, though – you can do this without starving yourself.

You absolutely cannot starve yourself to slim down

I know, it’s the old established mentality, right?  Eat less and exercise more and you’ll get the body of your dreams.

Well, that’s just not so!

At least… it’s not exactly so…

You see, the human body does 2 things very efficiently.  It stores fat – that’s obvious.  Yet it also burns fat just as effectively.

It’s true – and the secret is in knowing how this miracle works and how to flip that switch to burn mode.

Let’s begin with a little understanding of the human body…

See, our bodies are designed to keep us alive.  Makes sense, right?  Our bodies want to live so they do everything in their power to make that happen… sometimes even going too far and actually endangering us.

In order to keep you alive, your body stores energy in the form of fat cells.  This energy is saved for times when a ready source of food isn’t available.  In ancient times, when men and women had to hunt and gather and work very hard just to survive, this process worked great because it was in harmony with the body’s need to call upon these fatty deposits.

Well, nowadays we don’t have to hunt for food or gather produce or run from saber toothed tigers, do we?

What do we do instead?  We sit in front of computers, on the couch, eating fast food and stuff out of the freezer… and it’s all loaded with preservatives and sugar.

We don’t exercise enough and we don’t eat the kinds of things that both provide us with energy while simultaneously promoting a higher metabolism.  A higher metabolism means more fat burn.

The deadly secret

And do you know the absolute best way to force your body into storing as much fat as it possibly can?

If you guessed going hungry, then you guessed right!

Even on those crazy crash diets, you still have to eat.  And when you deprive your body of food, it goes into panic mode.  In essence, your body says, “Uh-oh, he or she isn’t eating much, must be a famine!”

And then it converts just about everything to fat!

What’s even worse is that if you really deprive yourself and then try to do a lot of physical activity like lift weights or run… your body will begin to go catabolic.  This is a state where it begins to consume muscle tissue for energy.  That’s because muscle is denser than fat.

Now you’re really screwed!

Not only are you killing your metabolism, but you’re eroding muscle tissue which is the primary furnace for burning fat!

A light at the end of the tunnel

Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to force your body into a higher metabolic state that triples your fat burning time.  Without starving yourself, running for miles or spending hours and hours slogging away in the gym, you can safely lose a pound of fat or more every 72 hours.

It’s absolutely true and backed by proven science!

My new program, the 1 Week Diet, is based on this very principle.  It’s similar to my other products, with some interesting and exciting new twists.  It shows you how to demolish the pounds of pure unsightly fat bulging from your belly, hip, butt and thigh – I guarantee it.

What’s new?

Well, my grandfather helped me out on this one.  See, he was shot down over Okinawa in Japan in 1945.  He was nursed back to health by a kind Japanese family and there he discovered some astonishing things.

For one, the young couple’s mother… or so he thought… was actually their great grandmother and she didn’t look a day over 50!

It turns out that the Arashiro’s lived by ancient Japanese diet and nutrition traditions that make people in that area of the world some of the longest lived and most healthy and youthful on the planet.

Granddad’s discoveries have now been proven by science and I’d like to share them with you today.

You too can learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine.  It’s simple, safe and doesn’t require great changes to your lifestyle.

After all – for something to truly work, it should both deliver tangible results and it shouldn’t be so hard that you end up hating it, right?

I’ve put together a free video that explains the 1 Week Diet and I want you to check it out for yourself.

Learn the secrets that the $70 billion weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know – about how using only natural bio-chemistry and working in harmony with your own biology, you can drop inches off your waist in a single week!

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