A Successful War Story From The Weight Loss Battlefield

A Successful War Story From The Weight Loss Battlefield

I know I’ve talked to you about my friend Brian, right?  Owner of R.E.V. fitness in LA, personal trainer, nutritionist and weight loss coach?

The guy who came out with the 3 Week Diet and the 2 Week Diet programs… and now he’s just released an incredible program called the 1 Week Diet that shows folks like us how to use only our body’s own natural bio-chemistry to sculpt our dream body in a single week… and how to keep that weight off and lose a lot more if we want to.

It’s true – no pills, no gross diets, no heavy workouts… just simple wisdom born from ancient Japanese customs and tested by science.

It’s about time we got the right info, huh?

Well, I wanted to share a little story with you about Veronica.  A 48-year-old mother and new grandmother who’s been struggling with her weight for 20 years…

“I tried it all.  Atkins, Southbeach, Nutrisystem, Weight watchers and I even listened to that silly baseball guy who talked about the shakes on TV for all those years.

And yet, since I had my second daughter at 28, I haven’t been able to lose any weight… well, maybe a few pounds for a little while but then it all comes roaring back when I stop whatever gimmick I’m on that month.

You should’ve seen me in my college days.  I was tall, slim and blessed by the good lord with an hourglass figure that always turned heads.  Hey, it’s how I attracted my husband Tom!

But after Andrea was born… I couldn’t get back down to my normal 130.  I’m 5 foot 7, and that was always a great weight on me.  Yet I’ve spent the better part of 20 years pushing 190 pounds.

Then I was turned on to Brian’s new program, the 1 Week Diet.  He shared so much information… I saw how all of the things I thought I was doing right – running until I ached, eliminating carbs, yadda, yadda, yadda… was actually holding me back rather than helping!  Can you believe that?  He explained how our bodies work and how with only some minor changes, you can kick your body into fat burning mode for much longer than normal.

Well, before I start rambling, I want to say thank you to Brian.  His program really does work.  I could actually see the difference in just a single week. My hips seemed slimmer and my jeans were starting to loosen up.

So I kept following his advice and I’ve actually lost 50 pounds!  I’m not down to 130, but at my age and for my height, I think 145 is pretty darn good.  I look amazing in a sun dress and I feel 20 years younger… and to tell a bit of a secret… Tom can’t keep his hands off me!”

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Veronica is not alone – thousands of people have seen awesome results from Brian’s program and I urge you to check out his totally free presentation right now – you’ll be amazed!