BlockChain Training (True Story For You)

Right before the 2017 explosion of bitcoin popularity, Progressions was going to be called "Blockchain Training".

This wasn’t to capitalize on the popularity of Blockchain (it really wasn’t that popular a year and a half ago), but rather because it was a great description of how Progressions works.

With Progressions you compete 1 to 3 specific "Progressions" per workout, I was going to call this a "block" of Progressions.

Next, each completed Progression justifies and verifies the next Progression creating a long "chain" of "Progression blocks" hence blockchain.

Luckily, no one thought Blockchain Training was a good name (they all thought it involved the use of blocks and chains as training devices) so we went with Progressions.
No matter how horrible the name is, the theory is sound—and is the key to why Progressions works so well; each block of training builds upon the last, creating a long chain of constant improvement, with each previous block "verifying" the next Progressions.

This is why I’ve been able to progress for almost 14 months using Progressions; it’s slow and consistent without any giant leaps.

You can get Progressions for yourself here —> Blockchain Training (Progressions)