Have We Been Wrong About Permanent Fat Loss?

By now I think everyone has heard that there is no such thing as permanent fat loss.

Sure, you lose fat MASS with diet and exercise, but it's never gone forever, you eventually gain it back when you stop dieting and exercising.

However, this is only true for losing fat MASS, as it may NOT be true when you lose fat CELLS.

Fat cells are like any other cell in your body... they eventually die. Now unlike most cells they live for a fairly long time (possibly as long as ten years), but they do eventually die.

Interestingly, research is showing you may have the ability to speed this process up.

Like when your fat is exposed to cold.


Cold exposure is able to trigger something called “apoptosis” which essentially tells your body to “kill” fat cells.

Removing fat cells doesn't protect you from gaining weight again, but it does seem to be able to direct WHERE you gain that weight...

In fact, in an extremely interesting case study published in 2013 chronicles 2 patients who exposed ONE love handle to Cold Therapy. Five years later, the treated love handle was still visibly smaller than the non treated love handle!

This means something non-exercise, non-nutrition can have a DIRECT impact on the amount of fat cells in a TARGETED area of your body.

Now, you may be wondering… why should you care?

Well here’s the thing:

Like I said earlier, when you lose weight you shrink your fat cells, but you don’t LOSE fat cells.

The fat cells shrink, but they don’t go away, so your problem areas will ALWAYS be your problem areas.

Losing fat cells, especially through TARGETED killing of fat cells has the potential to permanently smooth out stubborn fat areas like your love handles.

Now you still have to diet to LOSE weight and get rid of fat mass, however as a “next step” you may have the ability to alter the number of fat cells you have, WITHOUT diet or exercise.

That’s the topic of Brad Pilon’s new book, and it’s not just exposure to cold that has the ability to get rid of fat cells. There are other factors that can initiate fat cell apoptosis.

If you’re interested you can check it out here —> Fat Cell Killer