Read This Before You Go The Gym (New System For You)

You’ve heard me talk about Progressions before - It’s a system based on some unique formulas that create small “Calculated Improvements” from week to week.

The whole philosophy behind these Progressions is that small improvements made consistently create big changes over time.

And that trying to skip or ignore these micro-progressions always ends in plateaus and eventually failure to make gains.

…And this has been exactly my experience.

I’ve tried the short cuts before, they work at first, but then it catches up with you. They never work long term.

This is why I can’t show you the shortcuts to getting results from your workouts (because I don’t think they exist), but this is also why I  CAN show you the long-cuts - The approach that has the ability change your body dramatically over the next couple months.

Yesterday I sent you my results from doing a year’s worth of progressions and I’m extremely happy with the results, happy enough I’m going to continue to do them for another year.

They works that well.

As a reminder - Progressions are designed for both men and women, and have programming for the beginner and the advanced lifter. You do need access to some weights (this is not a body weight training program).

This is true progressive overload  - And, when combined with proper rest, recovery, and nutrition this is what will allow you to transform your body - slowly, consistently and efficiently.

Whether you are lifting 5 pounds or 500 pounds, It gives you EXACT weights and EXACT reps to use - there is zero guessing with this system.

I show you what I do and I explain exactly why I do it.

If you want something new to help you get ready for the coming summer ==> get Progressions HERE