The Answer To This Simple Weight Loss Quiz May Shock You..

Before I get to your pop quiz, just a quick reminder:

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Now, see if you can pass this weight loss "pop quiz"...if you want to regain boundless energy and wake up excited to face every day, then the correct answer is important:

What is most effective for burning belly fat?  

Is it...

A. Long cardio sessions on the treadmill?
B. Taking fat burning supplements?
C. Making small changes in your diet?

Would you believe me if I said, "The right answer can help put you on the path to melting your stubborn belly fat once and for all? “

Most people turn to cardio to burn excess fat or dangerous fat burning supplements when surprisingly the answer is C.

It may be a bit surprising, but yep: that's the correct answer. And here's why...

While 100% of our energy comes from food, our bodies can only burn 20-30% of it with physical activity each day. You can bust your butt in an exercise class for an hour, only to erase all that work in less than 5 minutes of eating. While exercise is great for your health, changing your diet has a much larger impact on your waistline than any amount of time on the treadmill.

Here's what else you need to know: 

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