4 Tricks To Banish Belly Bloat

If you suffer from bloating, you’re not alone.
Bloating occurs in over 30% of the population from “hidden inflammation” within the digestive system.
Excessive amounts of solids, liquids, or gas in your belly and digestive track can cause pain, while making you look much fatter than you really are.
Four simple tips you can follow to eliminate belly bloat are:
1) Eat slower and chew your food more thoroughly
Most people, including me, eat way too fast… or they eat portions that are too large. Be conscious of how fast you eat and you’ll feel better after meals, while limiting your belly bloat.
 2) Avoid carbonated drinks
The carbon dioxide from carbonated drinks can be released inside your stomach leading to an increase in air giving you a bloated belly. I also recommend that you avoid drinking through a straw because excessive air can get trapped in your stomach.
3) Consider eliminating processed wheat and gluten
Many people suffer with food allergies from one or more of these foods… some people can even experience bloating from healthy foods like “hearty health grains.” Eliminating one or more of these foods will limit your belly bloat.
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Stay fit and keep learning new things.